Sunday, August 2, 2015

Periscope Teachers Survey Tag!

Hey Friends!

I've been spending some time brainstorming different things I could do on Periscope. Some of my favorite scopes that I've watched are the more random, just fun, get to know the person scopes. Like Sheila Jane's What in My Purse Scope! I grew up in the age of MySpace when doing little "About Me" surveys when you were bored were all the rage. I thought it would be kind of fun to mix the two and do a All About Me/Teacher Survey Tag! So below is the image I created for the tag. Feel free to use it in your blog or on your Instagram account! The questions are below. They are just random questions I thought of that sometimes you like to know about your friends. Feel free to comment below with any suggestions of questions to be added. If this is a success, I would be willing to write more questions for a second survey. Well, I hope you'll join in, do the survey on a SCOPE, and tag some of your favorite teachers to do the survey too! If you the teacher survey tag please tag me on Instagram (@ericameisler) so I can watch! :)

General / Random
Astrological Sign? {Do you believe in this sort of stuff?}
Where do you live?
Right or left handed?
Did you go on vacation this summer? If so, where?
Have any pets?
Morning Person or Night Owl?
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
What can't you live without?

Type of weather?
Sport/ Team?
Genre of Music?
TV Show?

Teacher Questions
Where did you go to college? What is your degree in?
Do You Blog? If so, what's your blog?
Do you sell on TPT? What's your store?
What Grade do you teach? How long have you taught that grade?
How long have you taught all together? What grades have you taught?
Do you have any goals for the 2015-2016 school year?
What is your favorite subject to teach?

Thanks for playing along! I'm heading back into my classroom tomorrow so I'll be doing a classroom tour before/after scope! <3

Lots of love!


  1. I'm thrilled to have found you! I was born and raised in Carson- Carson High grad... but I live in Battle Mountain now. I was just in Carson yesterday in fact!! I also started a TPT Nevada group on facebook. We need to exchange info!

    The Whimsical Teacher

    1. Hi Jessica! What a small world! I am so excited! I was born and raised here as well! I'd love to connect! My email is! XO